The Story of a Heart

The Story of a Heart

A few weeks ago, my grandmother was admitted to the hospital (she’s since been discharged and is back at home). Of course, we were all concerned for her health and wanted to stop by to see how she was doing. Unfortunately, she was in the ICU for several days and children under 13 weren’t allowed to visit.

For a school assignment, Slugger made a heart and asked us to give it to Ma the next time we saw her. We informed her that we wouldn’t see Ma for several days so undeterred Slugger had this great idea that we should mail the heart to her. Keao agreed and decided to hide the heart somewhere so that we could just give the heart to Ma the next time we saw her.


For whatever reason, Slugger finds things like no one else. Keao thought she had hidden the heart in the place that Slugger would never look…on top of a shelf that Slugger wouldn’t even have access to.

Fast forward to later that evening. As we are getting ready for bed and trying to unwind the kids, we hear Slugger exclaim, “What’s Ma’s heart doing here?” As we turn to look, we see Slugger standing on my guitar amp looking on the shelf for some random object but finding the heart! Of course we had to make up a flimsy excuse that we needed to put the heart in an envelope to send it to Ma.

The next morning, as we were getting ready for school, Slugger was so concerned that Ma wouldn’t get the heart she made an envelope for the heart and asked me if she could put it in our mailbox. I agreed thinking I would drop the kids off to school and take the envelope out when I got home. So when I arrived home, I grabbed the envelope and threw it in the center console of my car.

Later that night, we went to dinner and before she got out of my car, what did Slugger do? She scrounged around my car looking for loose change and she peered in the center console of my car, exactly where I had hidden the envelope! What the heck?!? When did this kid get super sleuth powers?

Again for the second time in two days she yelled, “What’s Ma’s heart doing here?” And again for the second time we had to come up with a flimsy excuse.

But finally two days later, after Ma got moved to a regular room, we all were able to visit and Ma got her hand delivered heart from Slugger! It was a joyous occasion as the kids were so worried about Ma and they weren’t able to see her for a whole week after she went to the hospital. Before we left, Slugger gave Ma a hug made sure she had her heart somewhere safe.




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  1. That is one of the most adorable stories I have ever heard. Thank you for sharing Scott. You just made my day. Miss you – G

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