I Got A Name

I Got A Name

A few weeks ago, I shared on Facebook that if people can’t really remember my name, 9 times out of 10, they mix it up with Steve (the other one being Todd).  I guess because they’re both one syllable and they start with an s they’re easy to confuse (not sure about the Todd thing though).

Just to be clear, I’m totally not judging as I have made many a name error in my life.  Just this last week, I made two.  I mistakenly called Jarren, Jeffrey and Jim, Nate (although in my defense, it was really loud when they were introducing themselves to me and you can only ask someone to repeat their name so many times before it gets embarrassing).

But last week, I received an email that really took the cake.  I had written to Foursquare because I needed some help with the Hawaii District website and when I received the reply guess who it was addressed to?  Despite the fact that I signed my name at the bottom of the email and it’s in my email address, someone still managed to call me by the wrong name.

What’s the worst someone has mistakenly called you?

email copyEh, close enough right?

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