Bathroom Comics III: the Dating Edition

Bathroom Comics III: the Dating Edition

One part of my job that I absolutely love is when people fall in love and start dating. It’s so nice to see love in the air and men and women figuring out that the opposite sex do not always think alike. Actually when I see that last part in action it reminds me how happy I am to be married knowing that I won’t ever have to go through the whole dating process ever again (just one of the many perks to being married).

With that said, much has been written about the different way men and women see the world. Many a comic has built their entire career exploiting these differences. Tim Allen and Ray Ramano immediately come to mind. In fact, one time Keao and I went to watch a stand up performance by one of her favorite comedians, Sinbad. I won’t get into details (ask Keao) but she tried to rat me out and say how I’m always late for things and it completely backfired! So much so that the Supernanny made her apologize to me! What a great evening…

But I digress. I remember one time reading a Far Side comic in which there’s a dude in his bed getting ready to sleep and he’s pondering if this particular girl is thinking about him. The thought bubble read something like, “I wonder what she’s thinking about, I wonder if she’s thinking about me? I hope she’s thinking about me…” Then there’s a picture of the girl in her bed and she’s thinking, “You know, I really like vanilla”. I think that sums up the great divide that’s between men and women. I tell you, it’s amazing anyone ever gets married…

Just one example of when good intentions aren’t well received

This reminds me of some people I went to high school with…

This was me in high school (except a lot cooler looking)

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  1. I want to hear the whole story sometime. It sounds really interesting. You know if the first comics is how you guys really think next time I’m going to say forget it and just get what want! In all honesty though, I already do, but I have had thoughts like that. Funny how differently guys and gals think.

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