My Newest Addiction

My Newest Addiction

So I’ve always been addicted to reality TV (it started innocently with Survivor and spiraled downward from there) but recently I’ve found myself obsessing with a different animal, American’s Best Dance Crew. Now, when I watch reality TV I can sometimes imagine myself doing what they’re doing on TV. With Survivor, I could imagine myself on a deserted island with some of my closest friends (or enemies), with Top Chef, I could imagine myself cooking up a storm and so on and so on. The weird thing is with America’s Best Dance Crew, I cannot, even in my wildest dreams, imagine myself moving like those guys. Maybe that’s why I’m so enamored by them.

Unfortunately Kaba Modern didn’t make it to the final two because they certainly deserved to be there. But here’s a clip of their last dance.

Luckily one of my other favorite groups, the JabbaWockeeZ, did. Here’s a clip of their interpretation of the history of Hip Hop. Their schtick is the masks and gloves (which I think they do very well). If you haven’t voted yet you can go to and do so. I think the final episode is tomorrow (unfortunately or fortunately, I’ll be on Maui).

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  1. ha ha…I can’t believe my husband is such a fanatic of MTV that he begins blogging about it. Now you have something to talk about when you bond with my teenage nieces.

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