when you’re smiling the whole world smiles at you…

when you’re smiling the whole world smiles at you…

Ahhhh Saturday. I think that Saturdays in the fall are my favorite days. Not only are there the baseball playoffs, but college football is in full swing and the golf season is winding down and most importantly the basketball season hasn’t begun yet (although I am a huge fan of March Madness). Anyway, I was super tired this morning and a long day really hasn’t helped that from going away so I will quickly give you the recap about why I’m smiling. If you’re not really interested you can feel free to read someone else’s journal (preferably someone more interesting).

Today began with my alarm clock going off way too early, but that wasn’t enough to get me down since a few hits to the ol’ snooze button could take care of that. I do distinctly remember hitting the snooze button twice and thinking that a shower would really wake me up. But, I must have dreamed that I took a shower because when I did finally wake up I realized that I was still unshowered (that part was a bummer). But I digress.

Today was the last day of Leadership Advantage. I had to be there to help Russell do the coffee, but since that tricky snooze button was easily within reach, I managed to get to church a good half an hour late. It’s a good thing that Russell is responsible or I’m sure we would have had some angry decaffeinated, pastor-type people on our hands. But once that started everything started to go smoothly (that half hour nap on Lori’s couch really helped too). Plus this being the last day of Leadership Advantage it meant that I was finally relieved of trash duty (thanks Keao, Krystie, Keiko and Linda for helping during the conference). On a side note it was rather funny seeing Guy Kapeliela, the senior pastor of Hope Chapel Olomana and conference speaker, ride up to church in the rain on a moped…for whatever that’s worth.

Then, I got to eat lunch/dinner at my grandmother’s house because we were taking my grandfather to the football game. I swear there is no better food than at your grandmother’s house. While I was there I saw Jose Lima pitch a five hit shutout in the NLDS (take that Sea Biscuit!). The win meant that the Dodgers still have a very outside chance of advancing in the playoffs. Then we went to the University of Hawaii football game. It was great since we beat the University of Nevada-Reno. Then that brings me to now. As I sit here in front of my computer, I can only think about how long of a day this has been and how much I really want to sleep (still tired remember?) but as I do have a chance to reflect on today, it really has ben a great day. And with that, “good night, sleep tight, dream sweet dreams of me.” (a dollar goes to whomever can tell me what song that line comes from)

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