Go West, Young Man!

Go West, Young Man!

As I alluded to in my last post, July is a busy month for us with Slugger’s birthday and my wedding anniversary, but really, July kicks off a busy season for us.  After July, we celebrate a birthday every month.  Mine is in August, followed by Sunny’s in September, Keao‘s in October, my brother and mother in November and then, of course, Christmas is in December.  The second half of the year is truly a time to celebrate.

To celebrate Sunny’s second birthday (and my sister and her fiancee being in town for a wedding), our family went to breakfast at Aulani on the sunny west side of Oahu.  Even though Aulani has been open for some time now, this was our first visit to the resort.  For starters, we venture out to the west side maybe once or twice a year and so even though we had been curious to see the resort, it just wasn’t a high enough priority.

Thanks to Papa Pat, we were able to secure reservations for the character breakfast with Mickey and friends.  Like everything Disney does, it’s all in the details.  They do theming like no one else.  Keeping with the Hawaiian theme, everything from the signage to the menu selection all looked like it belonged there.  Nothing seemed out of place.

Of course, Slugger loved it.  Sunny?  She loved the characters, but from a distance.  She maintained a watchful eye to make sure they Minnie or Goofy didn’t get too close to her.

IMG_2051A view of the lobby from down below

IMG_2054The Makahiki restaurant

IMG_2052The obligatory picture with Mickey

IMG_2056Some items for the kids including Mickey waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs and tater tots

IMG_2059My plate included mostly meats and potatoes

IMG_2061Even Goofy made an appearance

IMG_2065What Disney celebration would be complete without a parade?

IMG_2067Slugger loved being part of the action

IMG_2075Afterward, Minnie stopped by to thank Slugger

IMG_2079Sunny blew out her birthday candle


All in all, we had a wonderful time and we ate way too much.  But hey, Sunny is only going to turn two once right?  Even though we only had brief stay there, we loved the ambiance and cannot wait to celebrate another birthday there again.

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