…And We’re Back!

…And We’re Back!

Hey everybody!  I am back!  Did anyone miss me?  Did anyone even notice I was gone?  Anyone?  So for the last few weeks, I got locked out of my WordPress account!  Yay!  I installed a plugin and as soon as I activated it I no longer had sufficient permission to do anything.  I couldn’t do post anything or even login.  I thought this was very strange since I’m the only user on this account and I am a super administrator, but thanks to Google and some tinkering around, I was able to sneak my way inside and get rid of the offending plugin (by which I mean deleting it).  So, lesson learned: back up the site regularly and test out plugins before haphazardly installing them.

A lot is happening this month.  This week, we will be heading over to the Big Island for Keao‘s family reunion, then Monday is Slugger’s birthday!  My little girl is getting older and bigger.  To tide you over until next week, here’s a video of her performing at the Regal Bakery in Chinatown.  It wasn’t a real performance as the stage was technically closed, but a true entertainer doesn’t let any trivial details stand in her way.  As you can tell by her hair, this is a few months old.  I have no idea what she’s singing, but she really got in to it.  Anyway, enjoy!

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