Regrets, I’ve Had A Few

When I was a senior in high school, I tried out for the varsity baseball team. Despite not having played any kind of organized baseball since Little League, I figured I was a good enough athlete to make a go at it. When the day of the tryout arrived, I stared nervously at the other students that were trying out as well.  Many of them had played baseball for a while and looking around, clearly I was at a disadvantage.  Still, when the coaches called my name, I gave it everything I had and tried my best.

I wish I could tell you that I excelled at the tryout and I cracked the starting lineup, but truthfully, I was so far behind everyone else that I really didn’t have any chance at all. Plus, at the high school level, the pitchers made the ball curve in all kinds of crazy ways that I don’t remember from Little League.

But that day became a microcosm of my life.  I can honestly look back at that day and say that I have no regrets about trying out.  I did my part and the coaches made a decision.  At the very least, I don’t need to wonder if I had the ability to play high school varsity baseball (I didn’t).

Fast forward to today.  I try very hard not to let opportunities pass me by.  Even though I may not know the outcome, I will at least give something a try just to see if it does work out in my favor.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, I know deep in my heart that I tried and therefore can have no regrets.

Being the huge Beatles fan that I am, I have always wanted to attend a concert by Sir Paul McCartney before I died (or more realistically before he did) and last July I noticed he would be in Seattle on tour.  I decided that this opportunity may not come around again being that he is 71 years old and who knows how much longer he will be touring?  So I invited my family and along with my parents and brother and sister, we flew up to Seattle to watch Sir Paul.

Here are a few pictures from my trip.  In my next post, I will share some pictures, videos and experiences from the concert.

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