My Sincerest Thanks

My Sincerest Thanks


Isn’t she cute? Don’t worry if you don’t think so, I won’t be offended

Tomorrow my girls make two weeks old. Two weeks old and they’re still tiny. Sometimes I wonder if they’ll ever get bigger. They tell me that right after babies are born (prematurely or otherwise) they will lose weight. That’s completely normal. But when your children weigh less than 2 pounds it seems like weight loss, any weight loss, is horribly detrimental.

Every day Keao and I thank God for another day with our girls and we also pray that we’ll receive some good news. Thus far God has completely come through and given us good news. A few days ago Allison exceeded her birth weight (1 lb, 12 oz) and Casey is just about there (2 lbs, 2 oz). They are both drinking milk and putting on weight daily. Personally I’d like to see a quicker gain, but any fraction of a pound is music to my ears (sorry for going metric on you, but Allison gained 20 grams and Casey gained 10 last night…woo hoo!).

Anyway, the real reason behind this post other than to give you a little update is to let you know that my incredible wife (who still wakes up every 3 hours) has started another blog specifically to update everyone on this amazing journey called parenthood. She tells me she’s going to try to update it every Sunday and Wednesday so you’ll get twice-a-week updates on Allison (Astro) and Casey (Slugger).

So without further ado, please direct your browsers (and feel free to subscribe or follow) to

Of course, I’ll be posting my usual ramblings here so don’t abandon me and only look there!

And lastly, thank you for all the prayers, encouragement and words of support. Keao and I are truly humbled to know that so many people care and love our daughters. We appreciate you.

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