Cinco de Mayo and the Twins

Cinco de Mayo and the Twins

Ahh, May 5th. For most of us growing up in Hawaii, we know this day as Boy’s Day (now changed to Children’s day). However, for some of our other friends on the continent this day is Cinco de Mayo (which cleverly enough means the “fifth of May”). On this day some 100+ years ago, something significant happened in Mexico’s history. You can read about it here. Nowadays it’s primarily a day to go to a Mexican restaurant and drink margaritas. Of course if we’re going to any Mexican restaurant we have to go to Dina’s La Bamba.

Actually, Dina asked me early in the month if I wanted to come and bring some friends, little did she know that “some friends” turned into 20 of us. Now, La Bamba isn’t that big so it was kind of a madhouse. But once we all got seated and got our orders in everything was fine.

Personally, I really like the food at La Bamba. Generally I’m not really too much of a Mexican fan, but for some reason I really enjoy their food. I think it’s because their specialty is take-out. If you don’t believe me you can check out one of their menus. Lately I’ve been ordering the butaquito. It’s a flour tortilla deep-fried and filled with some sort of meat (or vegetable filling).

Dural also likes the butaquito, this one is his

I guess because it was Cinco de Mayo the place was packed. I mean packed! There was a line outside that didn’t move until after we left. I swear there were people there that were waiting before we got there and they were still outside after we left! I guess the only redeeming thing is that La Bamba doesn’t sell any alcohol so you’re allowed to bring your own. I think those poor people must have finished an entire 24 pack before they even got inside.

Jasen, Jenny, Keao and Keidi were all smiles (I think it’s the guacamole on the table)

Poor Dina worked so hard. I felt so bad for her. She was scrambling to find everyone tables and chairs whilst waiting tables and trying to keep a smile on her face. What made it even harder was that most of our party knew her name and therefore would ask her for things instead of waiting their turn. Overall though I thought she did a very good job keeping her sanity and wits about her.

Kevin, Dina, me and Jenny (again)

See I told you she was cheerful. Here’s a shot of the rest of our group. I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but man, it got loud. I mean really loud. I know that some people are loud by nature, but there were times when we could hardly hear ourselves think!

The rest of our festive party

And of course a big CONGRATULATIONS are in order to Cassandra and Deroy. They are the proud parents of brand-new twin girls! Keao and I are aunty and uncle again. The older one is named Cheyenne and the younger one (by three minutes) is named Cheyne. They are girls number 4 and 5 so now they can start their own women’s basketball team (you can view their pictures on Keao’s blog as soon as she puts them up)

So as we were waiting in the room for the babies to arrive, Deroy noticed that there weren’t that many chairs. So of course, he asked the nurse for an extra chair. She told him to go to room 325 and check there. So he left and we went about our usual business. A few minutes later we all heard this strange humming sound. It was like brrrrrrrgh, brrrrrrgh. Ashley, our niece was like, “it sounds like whales yeah?” We all started laughing and then heard it again. So strange.

A few moments later the door opens and Deroy is standing there with this huge chair. He remarks, “ho, this chair is heavy!” That sound was him dragging that chair all the way from room 325. So funny! We all couldn’t stop laughing. But anyway, the babies are really cute so make sure you check out Keao’s blog later.

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