Make New Friends but Keep the Old

Make New Friends but Keep the Old

Last night my friend Nely (who was also our wedding photographer, check out her stuff here) invited a bunch of us out to dinner at the Shabu Shabu House. Nely is visiting from San Diego for a bit so any chance to hang out with her is a cause for celebration (as if we needed one).

It was great being able to hang out with some of my old friends that I haven’t seen in a while whilst eating some great thinly cut slices of meat. Shabu shabu is a style of cooking in which they set up pots of boiling water and give you trays of meats and vegetables. You then drop in your food and let it cook (my wife always complains when we go to places like this because she says if we’re going to cook our own food we might as well just stayed home). But doesn’t this look appetizing?

A plate of raw beef that my friend Stacia ordered

The Shabu Shabu pot in action

Apparently shabu shabu is supposed to be really healthy because all of the fat gets boiled off of the meat when it’s cooking. But I would say the highlight of my night was just catching up with old friends (and listening to their laughter). Between Tisha and Nely’s laughter I wasn’t sure if the restaurant could handle. I started to ask for tape so I could tape the windows lest they whole store exploded! Seriously though, hearing and seeing some old friends was so great. I hope we can all do it again sometime.

Tisha, Erin and Rachel share a moment

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