Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Alright Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Well, well, well. It seems like such a long time since I wasn’t too tired to write. Actually I’m fairly tired right now but I want to record some things that happened tonight so I won’t forget them. But before we go any further I must make mention of an incident that occurred on Tuesday night during our regular shepherds’ meeting.

Classic Quote of Tuesday night: We were in one of the classrooms for our meeting and it happened to be the one that Krystie uses to teach her Sunday School class. She was reminding us to clean up after ourselves because she uses that room.

Me: “Oh so you’re going to make the room look all pretty?”
Krystie: “I make the room look pretty every time I enter it!”

Anyway, back to the events of the night. So tonight we went Ice Skating for our Ignite event. I was really good. We needed 25 to qualify for a group rate and we ended up with around 40 (albeit some was from Gabe’s MiniChurch). But as we lined up, I told the cashier, Nicole, that we were a group and could she please charge us accordingly. Apparently there was some miscommunication and she overcharged the first six or so people by fifty cents. So I was in the back of the line talking to everyone back there when they summoned me to the front. Nicole, the cashier, asked if I would come into the front office so she could speak with me. I thought we were in trouble so Gabe came with me. It turned out that we weren’t in trouble at all, they actually wanted to refund the first guys their fifty cents. Well, not one to waste an opportunity to have some fun I told Nicole I was going to pretend that I was angry since everyone in line could see me but they couldn’t hear me. So I explained that I was going to make some big arm motions and throw up my hands in disgust. Then I told her that I was going to point at her and put my hands on my hips and shake my head. It was really lots of fun. It was a good thing that she had her back to everyone because she couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could Gabe. When I went back outside everyone was asking me what went wrong and what did she do. I couldn’t help but laugh.

So with that taken care of, my only other crisis was Malia getting lost and now knowing how to get to Ice Palace from the airport. It’s amazing how you can live on an island your whole life and never venture far out enough away from your hometown to know how to navigate. So I had to guide her to Ice Palace which was no easy feat since she didn’t really know where she was. Most of our conversation was me trying to guess where she was. I had to ask questions like, “are you heading towards the mountains or the ocean?” and “okay, what’s on your left now?” In the end though I figured out where she was and made sure she made it in.

The rest of the night was rather uneventful. We skating in a nice counter-clockwise fashion until it was 9:00pm (I’ll have the pictures up later) then some of us went to the curry house to eat. That was also uneventful until Fred* and Schmegan* showed up. Okay, actually the funniest part happened after we left and were standing outside cruising and talking story.

Classic Quote of the Night: I was talking to Keiko about what she looks for in a guy because I said I would take her list of qualifications and standards and try to match them up with a compatible suitor.

Me: “Keiko, you can’t have such high standards.”
Schmegan: “When I was younger, I USED to have high expectations.”

*Not their real names, but it is very possible that their real names rhyme with the clever aliases.

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