When I was I Younger I Thought that the World Circled Around Me

When I was I Younger I Thought that the World Circled Around Me

Ahh perspectives. Point of views. Isn’t it wonderful when you can make someone finally see what you see? I believe that so many problems would simply vanish if everyone could see things the way I see them. I know that it’s a pipe dream, but what’s wrong with dreaming.

Today was a pretty normal day. I was walking aimlessly around Manoa looking at how much mud came down from the flood (it was significantly muddier) when I heard someone call my name. Now normally, I just kind of look around casually because there is still a certain level of cool that I must constantly maintain, but since I immediately spotted who was yelling my name, all cool went out the window. I’m not sure how Krystie spotted me walking since I am part ninja, but she spotted me none the less and invited me to lunch. Apparently she eats lunch with Branden every Thursday and since I was skipping class I decided to join them. It was a good lunch. I didn’t eat since I had already eaten, but listening to their conversation was somewhat fascinating. I we were walking out of the Taco Bell/Pizza Hut area I ran into an old friend (literally). Actually he bumped into me. He is an old friend that I knew from church when I was in Jr. High. I’ve tried to call him and invite him to things in the past but for some reason he never calls me back or comes out to anything. Oddly enough I bumped into him today. Was a chance encounter or divine appointment. I’m going to guess that it’s the latter so I’m going to call him for MiniChurch next week (he already said he couldn’t make it to Italian night).

It was exciting seeing him. I also got to chat with my friend Derek (Faulk). He was a little under the weather so I tried to pray for him and encourage him. It seems like there is a lot of sickness going on. I guess that just means that I need to pray harder. Anyway, he’s going to set up some email addresses for us so it was good talking to him too. He also ended up encouraging me too. Does it get better than that? Two Christian brothers separated by the Pacific Ocean encouraging each other on the phone. That’s what love is all about.

Then my day kept getting better. I had dinner with Blaine. We haven’t eaten together in a long time so it was also good to just catch up with him as well. He’s such a great guy. I wish he wouldn’t be so hard on himself. My challenge was to stay positive about himself for the next week. I know that I’m supposed to be mentoring him, but I almost always walk out of our dinners feeling encouraged. It’s wonderful.

As I said, my day kept getting better. Tonight at MiniChurch we had two new people come. One of them is a brand-new Christian. I love having brand-new Christians in MiniChurch because they’re like big sponges ready to soak up all God has for them. It’s really cool. Plus, they tend to get every one excited because they’re so excited. It works both ways. Thank you God for all the people that you had me cross paths with today. I sit here and write feeling very encouraged. God is so awesome. His timing is always perfect. I need to remember that whenever I try to rush things and do them on my own. It’s not in my time, it’s in his time. The only bummer about MiniChurch tonight was that Malia didn’t come. She was also sick. I need to share with her my philosophy about MiniChurch is where you should be if your sick because everyone there can pray for you. Oh well maybe next week. I did get to pray with her on the phone so that was cool. I know that my God is bigger than any sickness she or Derek has and that they will be healed. I am really looking forward to MiniChurch next week since Malia (one of the new people) and Kevin really liked it and want to come again.

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