Do not Despise These Small Beginnings

Do not Despise These Small Beginnings

Wow, you don’t write in your journal for two days and it seems like everything happened. But to keep all of my readers from having to read a full novel I will try to give you the abridged version. So let’s see, the last time I wrote was on Sunday night (during an unfortunate poker game in which I was eliminated first) so that brings us to Monday.

Monday was actually a pretty good day. I got to sleep in late and I spent some time just cruising with God and getting some studying done. I also spent the greater half of the afternoon trying to convince my cousin Jenn to go on a blind date with a certain “friend” of John-John and I. Hopefully she’ll regain her lost senses and go on the date. I don’t understand what the big deal is. I mean it’s not like she has to marry the person that she’s going on the blind date with. And besides, the real question is what else does she have going on anyway? I mean if I wasn’t dating anyone (and I’m not) and someone wanted to set me up I don’t think it would be too much of a problem. Plus, it’s a friend of John and me. It’s not like it’s a complete stranger from the internet or personals. So what I guess I’m trying to say is if you know Jenn you should convince her to go on this date.

Anyway, that night we had the kick off to our new series called “We Have Liftoff”. I was the speaker/worship leader and I was kind of excited about speaking. Anyway, I was a little disappointed at the lack of a turn out, but also encouraged because I know who is really involved (hence the verse above). But I actually did have a good time and I know that God does indeed have great things in store for this ministry. Afterward we went to Zippy’s (the usual hangout) to eat dinner. Seven of us went so it was a pretty good turnout. The real fun began when everyone went home and I got to chat with Nikki and Sally for an hour or so. It was super fun. We got to speculate about who was interested in who and who we thought that certain people should marry. Good times. They also decided that I needed some lessons on hugging since I am a “patter” which means that I pat on the back when I hug people. I’m not sure how they became the experts on hugging but apparently if you pat someone on the back whilst hugging them it means that you’re insincere. So Sally kept making me practice. Yuck, I had to hug those girls waaaayyyy more than I wanted to.

Tuesday was election day. That was kind of exciting. Even though I voted two weeks ago it was still fun watching the election results come in and constantly flip between CNN and Fox News and the local networks. It’s amazing the different spins that all the networks placed on the election. I also saw Ray, the Ray Charles biopic during the afternoon. It was a pretty good story. I won’t say anything else in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet. I am glad I saw it though. It’s one of those movies that I’m glad I saw but I don’t need to watch it again. Then I went back home again and watched more election results until it was time to go to my meeting.

Someone remind me never to have meetings during an election. It was really hard to keep my focus and everyone else’s focus when everyone seemed to want to keep checking the updates of the election. We did get a lot of calendar things done which is a very good thing. We also got to pray with each other which I think is excellent. The groups didn’t quite materialize the way I envisioned it but that’s also very good. I kind of thought that everyone would congregate with the people that they felt most comfortable with but that wasn’t the case at all. So praise God for that. Anyway, afterwards it was off to Zippy’s again. The thing I like about Peter is that he really likes chicken katsu. I notice he orders that a lot. I think it’s kind of funny. He says it’s because he knows that it’s safe. But, at Zippy’s there are plenty of choices that are nice American meals.

Pastor Ralph made it back from the mainland safely so he was back at discipleship. It was good to see him and hear that everything went well for him in the mainland. We had a good discipleship. We are also starting a new book soon too. That should be fun. By the time we start the new book I should be done with most of the reading for school so it shouldn’t be too stressful. Speaking of which. Tommy Lasorda is the commencement speaker at UH’s graduation. How exciting is that? I would never have thought I’d ever see Tommy Lasorda live in person. I think the only other Dodger I would rather hear is Orel Hershiser. Anyway, it was a good day. I got a lot of things accomplished. Tonight is my regular “date night” with Gabe. I think we’re going to watch “Supersize Me” tonight. I also have to write a creative story since we’re going back to school tomorrow. Shucks. Oh well, we would have had to go back soon anyway. Only 9 more days of classes! Woo hoo!

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