Holy Deja Vu Batman!

Holy Deja Vu Batman!

Do you ever get the feeling like you’re one day behind or one day ahead? Today, I thought I’d do something nice like wish Derek a happy birthday. The problem, however, is that Derek’s birthday wasn’t today, it is tomorrow. I don’t know how I made such a grievous mistake. I mean, it’s on my Outlook calendar and my Yahoo calendar and even my Palm Pilot! Basically I have no excuse for not knowing exactly when Derek’s birthday is. So I tried calling him this morning and it was a good thing he didn’t answer or I would have felt way more foolish then I already did. The voice mail message I left for him went something like this,”Happy birthday Derek! I hope you’re having a super good day. Ummmm, (at this point I realized I may be wrong about today being his birthday so I quickly tried to cover it up) unless today isn’t your birthday…if it isn’t your birthday please apply this birthday greeting to whenever your real birthday is (real smooth yeah?).” Then I hung up. Well wouldn’t you know, he calls back and kindly informs me that today isn’t his birthday but it’s tomorrow. That sucked. My only saving grace was that the present I ordered for him from Amazon came in today so it distracted him and I hastily changed the subject. I suppose I’ll try again tomorrow.

A few things have been on my mind today. First of all, one of my “newer” friends made an observation. I won’t reveal her name because I don’t want her to know that I’m writing about her, but I’ll give you a hint. Her name rhymes with “gray cow” or “say ow” or something like that. Anyway, a few weeks ago she observed that I live in my own world that has all these rules set up and I don’t tell anyone the rules. I just expect everyone to know them. I’ve been thinking about this lately and I’d have to say she is very correct. Now, I will also add that I believe to some extent or another, I believe that everyone lives in their own world too. I think that everyone has their own unspoken rules that is not clearly defined until you get to know them and you just sort of pick them up. It’s like when we play golf and someone is doing poorly. We try to push them as far to the edge as possible through our verbal assaults without pushing them over. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we don’t. The point is by playing with the same guys over and over again it’s easy to tell what their particular point is. A newcomer may think we’re jerks by egging them on or a newcomer may not know the boundaries that we have set up and push them too far. I think it’s just something that comes with familiarity and comfortability.

With that said, I don’t think that I’m a real emotional guy. I don’t think that I’m a natural smiler or very expressive person. Therefore if you don’t know me very well you may think that I am not enjoying myself when I really am or that I am mad when I’m really not. I also think that this journal is a poor medium when it comes to conveying emotion. Case in point, last night I commented on Keao’s observation. Her observation didn’t bother me at all, but because she is still unfamiliar with me I think she took my reaction and rebuttal the wrong way. I am basing this on the fact that she called me at 11:30pm last night to apologize (in addition to the nice apologetic comment she also left on my Xanga site). I told her that it was totally unnecessary because I didn’t think she did anything wrong in the first place. Everyone is entitled to have observations. In that case I simply chose to ignore it because I saw the situation differently then she did. I don’t think that either of us is right or wrong. It just is what it is. So to sum up this entire paragraph, I think if you don’t know me, I can be a fairly difficult person to read, but if you hang around me enough you’ll find that most times (maybe 9 out of 10) you’ll be able to read me very easily.

On another note, I went to look at bikes this morning. The salesman at Honda in Waipahu wasn’t very helpful or friendly. I wouldn’t want to buy a bike from there just because of his personality. The guy at South Seas in Waipahu was super friendly. He didn’t try to really sell me anything. It seemed that he just wanted to help me. I really appreciate that. It’s like the guys at Dan’s Guitars on McCully. They’re so nice and helpful I always feel that I should buy something just because they’re so nice. So here’s a closing tip: be nice because you never know when it will pay off.

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