The Night of the Fight, You May Feel a Slight Sting

The Night of the Fight, You May Feel a Slight Sting

That’s pride [expletive] with you. [Expletive] pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps.

That’s one of my favorite lines from the movie Pulp Fiction (although I have cleverly censored it lest I offend any of the two people that actually read my journal). Today I had lots of time to think about pride and how many times my own pride either gets me in trouble or keeps me from doing super fun things. I’ll give you a few examples so you know what I’m talking about.

So when I last attended my hula class the kumu (or teacher for those not hip with the ‘olelo) told us that today we would be making leis during class so bring about 16-18 ti leaves. Well last time we made leis I didn’t show up with any leaves because I was too lazy to go pick the laua’e (which grows at church) and the ti leaves (which grows in my backyard). So I showed up empty-handed and was forced to beg some nice girls for some of their leaves. Now, being the clever guy that I am, I picked the necessary leaves this morning and microwaved them and went to school. Here’s where the pride comes in. I didn’t want to walk around to my first couple of classes with the leaves so I left them in my car with the plan that I would fetch them later. So by the time I went to my car and got my leaves I was around five minutes late to class. To my horror (well it wasn’t that bad) no one was working on their leis. Had I missed a memo or something? So instead of sticking around, I just grabbed my leaves and left before anyone could see me because I didn’t want to show up for class with leaves if everyone else obviously knew that we weren’t supposed to have them.

Next example, so after school I decided to try surfing (again) in Waikiki with Keao and Kelly. I try surfing probably twice a year before I figure out that it’s not for me, then the next year I have all sorts of hope and decide that I want to try again. That was today. But I hate doing things that will make me look like a beginner. I just want to be good. So we’re on the boards paddling out and I have never been surfing at Waikiki before plus I don’t really know how to do it and Keao (bless her heart) is trying to encourage me and help me out. Of course that’s exactly what I don’t want because I’m so prideful. So I tried to fight her. Not physically because she’d kick my [expletive] more like trying to push her away because I want to do it on my own. Well that didn’t really work. Oh well, I did have a nice relaxing floating session (until it was time to go in). Maybe I’ll keep trying, just to try. Who knows, one of these years I may actually get the hang of it and have fun doing it.

On another note, while we were walking to the beach Kelly brought her board. Naturally I asked if I could help and carry her board. She politely declined my offer. Being the Japanese that I am I asked, “Sure? Are you sure?” Again she politely declined. By the time we finally got to the beach Keao observed that I didn’t carry Kelly’s board. I don’t get it. First of all, I did offer to carry her board more than once. Secondly, she did decline. Thirdly, I didn’t even want to carry her board, but I would have if she said okay. Here’s my gripe. What is the correct protocol? Kelly declined twice when she could have just as easily said okay. I’m not knocking Keao since she is free to make any observation she wants and besides everyone is entitled to their own wrong opinion. I just want to know what’s correct. Is there such thing as equal rights for women? If there is then she should carry her own board. If not then I should. But I believe that it should be clearly defined so I know how to proceed. The only girl that has ever told me that she flat out does not believe in equal rights is Cissy. She told me that if a guy doesn’t hold open the door then she ain’t walking through it. I admire that because at least I know what she expects. I don’t have to guess. I remember once in chemistry class my sophomore or junior year in high school this guy Chad summed it up perfectly. He said, “If any of you girls want equal rights come mow my lawn.” He got some looks and protests, but then at least he knew what the girls expected.

But enough of that, I have better things to complain about…like the University of Hawaii Athletic Department saying I can’t have a Manoa Maniac shirt because I didn’t sign up for one. I’m going to write a letter of complaint to them right now. I’ll let you know what becomes of it.

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