Sox Win in 7

Sox Win in 7

Wow what a day! My day started way too early today considering that I didn’t leave church last night until way after 12:30pm. We were working on our webpage last night because we had to get our bios up. Actually, I don’t think anyone else got their bios up but oh well, there’s something to be said about doing what you’re supposed to do and then doing it on time. Anyway, I thought every one was going to come to the meeting prepared and with their bios ready but I suppose I’m living in a dream world because when I got to the meeting pretty much no one had their bios ready. So instead of discussing important things like our next Monday night thing, I had to coax everyone to get busy and write their bios. Thank goodness Linda was there to work on the page. I think it looks great so if anyone wants to check out what we’ve been doing just go to So we got up what we could and then Linda went home. Keao saw my guitar lying around and she’s just learning how to play so she wanted to play my guitar. Of course, I hate to discourage anyone that’s trying to learn a new skill so I let her play and tried to give her a few pointers (I can only hope she affords me the same grace when I try surfing). So by the time I left the church I was pretty licked.

This morning I took my car in to get its wheels aligned. Man, my car was pulling pretty hard to the left so I’m glad I took it in even though it I had to leave it there all day. Then on my way to church Tom called to tell me he was going to be late so I had to lead the worship part of discipleship this morning. That was pretty fun. Oh, when discipleship ended I got to do some work and check my email and stuff then Mikey, Gabe, Russ and I went to the mall. Mikey just started working at the church yesterday so it was our first post-discipleship lunch together. I wanted to go to the mall so I could vote today. I was trying to beat the rush, but it was still pretty crowded anyway. It’s funny how whenever you go to vote everyone asks who you voted for. I remember when voting used to be a private affair. I used to tell everyone that I was voting for Nader, but since he didn’t make it on our ballot I can’t use that excuse anymore.

The rest of my day was spent working on my webpage. Markiss was nice enough to get me a copy of Contribute so I could work on it on my own computer. Of course, Russ and I also had to listen to the Red Sox/Yankees game on the radio since we weren’t at home. So while I was waiting for my car to be finished I diligently worked on the webpage and listened to the game. I did manage to find a TV to watch the final out on. I am so glad the Sox beat the Yankees. I hate the Yankees.

So my car was finally finished and I had to pick it up at Firestone next to Time’s supermarket. Oddly enough they opened up a Smith’s Tae Kwon Do right next to the supermarket. Well, since we were in the neighborhood, Gabe (he took me to get my car) and I walked past the Tae Kwon Do place since I heard that Keao was going to be there. Since I’m Japanese and being a ninja is inherent to me I snuck past the place without Keao even noticing me. I figured that if she saw me she would have been all embarrassed and since I didn’t want to do that I figured I could get a sneaky glance. I’m not sure what I was looking at, but she looked pretty tough. I wouldn’t want to mess with that girl.

So now I’m at home super tired and watching Coming to America. I think it’s one of the funniest movies to come out of the 80’s. I ate dinner with Gabe and Dural since yesterday was Dural’s birthday. I also finished putting up the links on the webpage (it’s way faster at home for some reason). Well I guess I’m off to bed early tonight. I may go to the beach with Sea Biscuit and Keao tomorrow so I should get some rest. Ooh, I also have to pick some ti leaves tomorrow morning for hula class. Malia and Kara also left tonight for London. I’m so jealous. I hope they get home safely and bring me back something…

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