Yet Another Birthday Party…for Keao

Yet Another Birthday Party…for Keao

So tonight we had another birthday party for Keao. I tell you, that girl sure knows how to milk birthday. I need to start taking some notes. But I guess it’s not really her doing since we planned the first surprise birthday party and then today is actually her birthday…but, that’s where I draw the line. If I do get invited to another birthday party for her I’m definitely not going (well, probably not, depends on where it is).

Actually today was a pretty productive day. I got a good night’s rest and got off to school okay. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any parking at UH. Grrrrr. Even with a parking pass it’s still hard to find parking sometimes. So instead of walking into class late I just went to the library to study. I’m reading this book called “the Disney Version” and it’s really interesting. It’s about how Walt Disney turned himself and his company into one of the most influential companies of all time. It’s great reading if you like Disney stuff. Anyway, then I had hula which was another story. When the semester started there was another dude in the class with me, but I haven’t seen him in awhile so I don’t know where he went. But we learned more of a chant to Pele and practiced some more with the ‘uli’uli. It’s way tougher than it looks. Maybe I’m just not that coordinated.

But tonight as I previously mentioned we had another party for Keao. I went to Buca’s (yay Italian food) with Nikki, Linda and Terry. Good fun. I also met another HBA grad, they just pop up everywhere, that’s Kara and Malia’s classmate. It’s a small world I tell ya. Anyway, it was a great day.

On a side note, here’s a thought. We were discussing in one of my history classes how in the 1500’s people in Europe lived for the most part in one room huts. It got very cold during the winter so many times they brought in the farm animals just for the warmth. Also, because it was just one room, the stench must have been unbearable. And to top that off, they only had one bed. So, the question is, how did babies get made? And what about all of the other people in the bed (by other people, I mean the previously born children). There must have been zero privacy and what roles, if any, did the children play being introduced to sex at such a young age? Just some food for thought.

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